The Company

Juuva has just entered the US market and is already attracting the attention of the very best of the best in global Network Marketing. With mounting excitement, the company is poised for substantial growth over the next 12-24 months.

  • Juuva is a debt-free company so you can count on stability
  • Most innovative and powerful compensation plan (Prosperity Plan)Joy Life
  • Low buy-in and auto-ship options
  • Combines power of binary and uni-level structures
  • Seamless global expansion
  • Choices, simplicity and true uncapped earning potential
  • Open in USA & Philippines
  • USA opened February 2013
  • High quality, leading-edge products
  • Highly experienced and respected management team

Being a debt free, international company with record growth that has seamless global expansion gives Juuva a decisive edge on other companies.

Juuva only does business through direct sales and referral marketing through independent business owners.

The Ideal Business for the Forward Thinking Business Person

Juuva’s recent launch in the US market creates a ground floor opportunity for independent business owners (distributors) who have exclusive access to Juuva’s incredible products.

As such, you have the opportunity to be a distributor and gain substantial financial rewards.

Find Joy in Better Health

Better health and overall wellness is key to living a fulfilling and joyful life. At Juuva, we also believe the key to a healthy body is no secret. In fact, nature has already provided the essential nutrients needed to achieve and maintain optimum health at any age. That’s why we’re proud to present our unique line of high-end products, each clinically tested for optimum results and health benefits.

Juuva products contain gentle, natural ingredients that enhance and protect your body’s overall well-being. Based on scientific research, these groundbreaking products are in a class of their own, bringing you better health inside and out. Discover your own inner health and wellness through the pure joy of Juuva products.

Juuva International

Juuva is a direct selling and multi-level marketing company operating in the United States and the Philippines. Plans for international expansion include Africa, Europe, Oceana and Asia.

Research And DevelopmentResearch

To ensure the highest quality products made with only the best ingredients, research plays a critical role in product development and testing. Juuva recognizes the importance of natural nutrients in the pursuit of wellness. Juuva is committed to incorporating the most natural, food-sourced ingredients with the latest innovations in science to produce the most nutrient-rich and effective products possible.






Core Values

Juuva advocates creating and sharing both health and happiness with distributors and consumers. We believe in optimizing the value of life and that through helping others, we will bring opportunities for success and joy to those around us. Juuva strives to advocate for staff promotions and makes regular improvements in the workplace and the community. We work hard to share our resources with the community to develop a foundation for better health everywhere.

Group Shot

Juuva’s management and employees share a culture of honesty, concern for others, and hard work. It is a quality-conscious and law abiding company, seeking to provide only the best products and opportunities for its employees and distributors. The mission is to provide high-quality products and prosperous and stable career opportunities for all who join the team. The vision is to become the most respected direct-selling enterprise in the world, by fostering an atmosphere of respect and excellence while searching for ways to improve the lives of those around all around the globe.

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