The Products



Juuva currently offers six fabulous products. Each is top in its category because of uniqueness, ingredients or pricing. Juuva is committed to remain cutting-edge in the product line they offer. Each product has its own story.



Juuva Energy Cup

Reset. Balance. Energize.

- “What do you know about alkaline water?” This is the only question you need to ask someone before you demonstrate your Energy Cup. Looking for better balance, more energy, anti-aging benefits or helping your body become more alkaline – the Energy Cup is for you!* Priced right for anyone to purchase or sell to a friend.

  • Ready for U.S. market launch
  • 5 world-wide patents
  • Converts ordinary drinking water into healthy, ionized and alkaline water
  • All natural, loaded with antioxidants



Galaxy Nutritional Beverage

Drink. Nourish. Feel the Impact.

- Let’s drink to your health! With the Galaxy Blend you will receive a wide range of nutrients important to maintaining good health.* Tastes great and priced the lowest in the industry – drink just 3/4 of an ounce per day so you only use one bottle per month! Dr. Gary Booth from Brigham Young University is currently studying the amazing benefits of Galaxy in his lab.

  • Increases energy and stamina.*
  • Supports immune system.*
  • Promotes healthy digestive system.*
  • Supports joint and cartilage functionality.*
  • Helps maintain healthy cardio vascular function.*
  • Protects your body at the cellular level and against free radicals.*
  • Supports brain and memory functions.*
  • 32 super foods, super fruits, and super antioxidants




Focus. Energy. Stamina.

- Enjoy a great tasting, non-carbonated, affordable energy drink. To get the most out of life, your body needs superior fuel to not only maintain, but sustain your energy and stamina. ZING provides the essential elements necessary to focus your mind, fuel your body and revitalize your energy and performance wherever life takes you.* With its powdered formulation you can mix each drink to your own taste.

  • Concentrated extracts that revitalize and boost energy, heighten mental acuity, and support a feeling of well being.*
  • Fortified with essential vitamins, critical amino acids, oxygenating enzymes, and energy boosting extracts.*
  • Healthy and safe alternative to carbonated beverages filled with artificial sugar and synthetic caffeine.*
  • Take anywhere, mix to taste, providing both instant and highly sustainable energy without the jitters or usual crashing.*




Whole Food Nutrition.

- LiVE is a nutritionally dense product that harnesses the benefits of more than 70 live whole foods in the convenience of a delicious, berry-tasting powder. Since most of the ingredients in LiVE are manufactured using advanced proprietary technology, the nutritional value of LiVE’s ingredients are preserved at optimal levels and in a way that maximizes their bio availability. This means the nutrients are more available for your body to easily absorb. LiVE contains fruits, vegetables, enzymes, trace minerals, probiotics, seeds, nuts, sprouts, and so much more. Real whole food nutrition is waiting to be brought to life simply by the water you add.

  • Increase your energy and feel more alive while you lose weight.*
  • Drink one bottle of LiVE a day and immediately notice changes in how you feel.*
  • Sleep better at night and awaken feeling rested and alert.*
  • Think more clearly and feel more energetic throughout the entire day.*



Anion Emitter

Restore Balance. Renew Health.

- The Anion Emitter contains semi-precious stones infused with proprietary frequencies that carry a negative charge. These frequencies bring the body into balance and energetic homeostasis while restoring health and reducing pain.

  • Recovery from physical exhaustion or fatique.*
  • Stabilizing brain functions.*
  • Increasing metabolism.*
  • Strengthening the immune system.*
  • Balancing the autonomic nervous system.*
  • Promoting better digestion.*
  • Cell rejuvenation.*
  • For overall health.*



Cation Shield

Shield Yourself from Harm.

- Awareness is growing that we live in a world where devices that emit harmful EMF’s (Electromagnetic Fields) are all around us. One of our core objectives at Juuva is to combat this increasingly dangerous threat. The Cation Shield™ helps strengthen your body’s bio-field while bathing you with the beneficial effects of negative ions to help combat EMFs.

  • Recovery from physical exhaustion or fatique.*
  • Stabilizing brain function.*
  • Increasing metabolism.*
  • Strengthening the immune system.*
  • Balancing the autonomic nervous system.*
  • Promoting better digestion.*
  • Cell rejuvenation.*



*FDA Disclaimer: The statements shown above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.